Select by genre

What I value most when I choose a shop …
it is neither a girl nor a shop.

In my case, I’d like to cherish the “genre” first.
And I think that “negation due to eating” is the most obscene act of “This is not useless, that is useless” without experiencing.

Now I have a Fuzok magazine at hand.
It is a magazine that can be searched by category, but let’s look at the category type.
Only in the major categories
, there is only this in a minimum category, “Health” “Salon” “Soap” “Delivery” “Hote-Hell” “SM” “Sexuality” “Beauty” “Onagakura” “Married Wife” “Foreigner” “Shemale” etc … It is.

Furthermore, it was further subdivided from here, “shops that have got big boobs girls”, “shops with only baby girls”, “shops of girls college students” “secretaries” “fat girls” “cosplay” “long ladies” “legs Beauty “” Molester “” Moe “etc. are broken into countless numbers.

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For example, if you are the only one who experiences only genres of normal girls, for example …

I think that it is misbehaving and I think that it is “opportunity” for you.
People say they are polished by experience and experience, and by people.
If it is, I think that challenging the new genre more and more and discovering new ones is the “backside theme” of fuzz play.