Secret Report ②

Although it is incidentally, I recommend it for the Kansai people ○ I think I will introduce the secret Atari region.
It is different from Fuzok because the genre introduced here is cabaret but I would like to acknowledge it as a place to meet “beautiful woman”.

Those who live in Kansai think that there are also many people who have images of beautiful gathered in Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto as well.
If you go out for Motomachi at Chinatown’s meat pot surely, I will encounter a beautiful warrior corps that brought out sexual pheromones like this one’s appetite, but I think that it is not a “perfection”.

Because such a beautiful warrior corps is an indoor dog kept at a luxury condominium, how you show myself (or how to behave) I was familiar with how people would be interested in myself, in a word “Takamine flower”, but I think that the content is a rude “caretaker” race.

So where is the dawn in Kansai? What?

I am convinced that it is “Nara”.

And there are many cases where Nara’s masterpieces are playing quietly on stage called cabacula.
The butterflies of the night who are active in this old capital seem to have many women who are friendly, have a sense of affinity “naturally”, while having glamor.
If you would like to get acquainted with the beautiful woman, you want to visit the ancient capital Nara.