Secret Report ①

Well, here I would like to introduce the “Atari region” that I can recommend in my 20 years of Fuzok life.

I think that you know the three scenic spots in Japan, do you know the area called the Three Major Bush in Japan? In

all of that, I have repeatedly investigated whether the rumor is true.
And in the area called the Three major booths in Japan, we found out that very high level material was hidden.

By the way, the three major booths in Japan are said to be “Sendai” “Mito” “Nagoya” …

I would like to introduce an example of “Sendai” this time.
Surely there was definitely a feeling that there are few beautiful women in Sendai.
However, when staying for a few days, I think that striking beauties will be stalking around the city.

I talked to the beautiful women how many times in the arcade of Sendai, and it was something I ignored, but
now it is a good memory.

Although it is a personal opinion, it certainly feels less Sendai’s beauty distribution. However!
The occasional beauty level is outstanding compared to other prefectures! !

As a result of the survey, I have learned that there are many beautiful people as a whole in Tohoku, and that the beautiful level in Tohoku is high.
That is, Akita Miyato and Aomori beauties.
The beautiful women make roughly three choices as a result of entering university and finding employment.
1. It remains in the local area
2. Exit to Tokyo
That goes out to Sendai In other words, a composition that Akita beauty and Aomori beauty girls gathered in the area called Sendai was completed.
Therefore Sendai · · · Tohoku is very beautiful and very attractive.