introduced it at the beginning, but I met Fu Sok 20 years ago, I was honored by Miss Husok, sometimes broke up and grew up.

Looking at this page, if you can see Fu Zoku from a slightly different point of view, I think that the significance of this site at this time was right.

Now, next generation of Fuzoku Masters’ eggs are born one after another like
Those disadvantages, even though they are in recession, are the successors who will continue searching for shops whether salaries will decline or the last train will disappear.

And I believe that this industry will never go away from this world forever.
So, I would like to convey the lessons learned from my wicked 20 years experience for the next generation Fuzoku Master, and future Fuzoku Masters volunteers.

1. Select by genre!
2. Lady = lover until you leave the shop!
3. Fu Zok is for sexual success, not sexual activity!

I already mentioned about No. 1, so I will skip it.

Regarding No. 2, the vessel of you will be questioned. Even if a girl is not a child of a type, no one gets to have a negative feeling. Then you can see the hidden goodness of you by thinking that you are his girlfriend as your girlfriend.

Number 3 is a question of motivation.
I am not a viewpoint of “sexual outlet” but I want to go to a store, so I will do my best today! ! I was spending my days with the motivation to go.

now · Since I meet new lady from now on, I will excuse myself around here ♪